Adaptation: Samsung Galaxy S 10 contains Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin is apparently facing the next adaptation push. Because the latest release from Samsung has the potential to push crypto currencies further towards the company’s center. With its latest smartphone model Samsung Galaxy S 10, the technology giant offers the possibility to manage its private keys on the phone.

There is one key element that is often called a possible increase in the bitcoin price: the spread of cryptocurrencies or their arrival in the middle of society. It has not been quite enough in the past. Because there are many problems that many face when dealing with cryptocurrencies. These include the technical refinements, lack of technical know-how and the unwillingness to deal with the topic. But that could change soon. With the new smartphone model from Samsung, users should be given the opportunity to manage their crypto currencies on their mobile phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S 10, according to a statement from the company on 21 February,

comes with the security solution Samsung Knox. It also includes a hardware-based security store that keeps the private keys for blockchain-based mobile services.

Samsung Knox is an existing product that provides enterprise security solutions. These are mainly storage options for business and personal content that are kept in passwords. However, the hardware protection for “blockchain-based mobile services” on the Samsung Galaxy S 10 is a novelty.

Although a more accurate technical design remains so far. The integration of a wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, however, would speak a clearly positive language with regard to their adaptation. The ease of use with a terminal that will quickly be in the hands of many people, should also increase the willingness to deal with Bitcoin & Co.

Samsung Galaxy S 10 advances bitcoin adaptation

Ultimately, Samsung manages with his Galaxy S 10 an important step, which should not only affect the Bitcoin price. In addition to the obvious signal effect for a crypto adaptation, Samsung also sends out an exclamation mark in the direction of the competition – in a success of the Galaxy S 10 should be followed soon in the house Apple.

Update: A leaked video demonstrates the wallet function of the S10. The video looks authentic.

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(@BlockchainROK) February 21, 2019