Bitcoin news from space and the Shitstorm against Coinbase

The blockstream satellite sends mystic messages and the neutrino acquisition plunges Coinbase into a serious public relations crisis. Meanwhile, it is crystal clear to CZ – unlike the courts – that XRP is not security.

Bitcoin in space thanks to blockstream

The Bitcoin satellite is fascinating even for crypto ratios. Not only can you use the blockstream infrastructure to send bitcoin transactions to the sky, you can also send anonymous messages. For a low Satoshi fee you are there and can entertain recipients with mystical messages. The message that Twitter users @notgrubles noticed reads as follows:

”    I’ve been there since 2016, but since 2017 I have Skin in the Game [means, since 2017, the user is invested in Bitcoin, Anm d. Red.]. The last year was amazing, I learned a lot, sent my first Lightning transaction in early 2018, and was overwhelmed with the possibilities of fast, cheap Bitcoin micropayment opportunities. Here I am, gave up my job. “

”    I build my first Raspberry Pi Lightning Node and send messages via satellite. My dream is to accumulate a BTC, and I think that will be more than enough for the future. “

The anonymous Bitcoin enthusiast wants to become part of the 21 million club. If he is right in his estimation that a BTC is more than enough (for what?) Bitcoin would have to go to where the message came from: gen All.
Binance CEO: XRP is not security

In doubt for the accused. Thus, Changpeng Zhao’s statement reads in terms of the long-standing dispute whether XRP is a security or not. The head of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange points to the status of the litigation in the matter. As long as no judgment is made, XRP remains in the offer of Binance.

 “I think people know that there is a lawsuit against XRP, whether they are security or not, our verdict is that they are not, and until we prove that they are, we listed them, and luckily, we actually induced other exchanges not to delist XRP, which is a good thing, and just because a lawsuit is pending does not mean the verdict has already passed. “

Ripple is currently trying to prove that XRP does not legally fall into the status of security. This view also seems to be shared by Zhao.

#DeleteCoinbase: Shitstorm vs. Bitcoin Exchange

Twitter users made their displeasure with the #DeleteCoinbase hashtag last week over the merger of Coinbase and Neutrino. The users first criticized the overgrowth opportunities that Coinbase creates with the acquisition of the analysis company Neutrino. But that was not all: In the aftermath it became known that parts of the management team were formerly involved in the so-called HackingTeam. Including the CEO, the CTO, as well as the CRO of the company. HackingTeam sells surveillance software to authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia.

It is well known that all good things come in threes and so it became known again a little later that the KYC service provider of the US exchange sold personal data of its users to third parties. A privacy scandal looking for his peers.

As part of the reports, Twitter users then posted their reactions to the Coinbase entanglements. For some, the limit of the tolerable seemed to have been reached:

”   Bitcoin wants to make you obsolete! 🖕 # DeleteCoinbase “

 – A v B ⚡ (@ArminVanBitcoin) March 1, 2019

    Bitcoin makes you redundant! #DeleteCoinbase

That does not seem to be so easy. Because to be able to close his account with Coinbase, this may no longer contain BTC. The withdrawal of a balance is sometimes difficult. Because often remains with so-called Dust a small amount of crypto assets on the account, which is not even enough to pay the transaction fees. He must therefore remain on the Exchanges – and thus prevents a closure.

BTC to the moon

Something easy to digest: The crypto-trader “MagicPoopCanon” – the name leaves no doubt about the seriousness of the user – carried out a survey on Twitter, in which he asked his followers about their bullishness in relation to the mother of all crypto-currencies.

Now there are results of this (non-representative) survey:

”    For my long term view, I see Bitcoin going to at least $ 100,000 within four years. I think it could reach $ 150,000 in that time. Eventually, I believe it could surpass $ 1,000,000. Where do you see BTC going in the long term?

    – MAGIC (@MagicPoopCannon) February 26, 2019

And they can be seen. A majority of the participants is confident of victory:

Bitcoin could be worth a six-figure amount one day. The cannon itself also believes that “Bitcoin could someday exceed $ 1,000,000.