Börsenmedien AG acquires stake in SatoshiPay

Börsenmedien AG announces a five percent stake in the crypto-payment service SatoshiPay. In the not too distant future, you will be able to pay for the content of the media company with Stellar Lumens.

Micro Payments are considered to be one of the major use cases for Bitcoin, Ripple & Co. Fiat currencies like the US Dollar are unsuitable for Micro Payments because the transaction costs for transferring cent amounts are out of proportion to the transferred value. In addition, the US dollar can only be divided into one hundredth part. A Bitcoin unit, however, can be split into the one hundred millionth part, that would be a Satoshi.

SatoshiPay and stock market media in strategic partnership

The automated payment of small amounts is still a dream of the future, but there are already resourceful companies working on the implementation of such a use case. One of them is the start-up SatoshiPay operating in Berlin and London.

The company is working on integrating the above-mentioned crypto-use case into the media world. After being able to land the Axel Springer publishing house as a partner, the startup announces its partnership with Börsenmedien AG on Thursday, March 7. According to the content of the press release, the media company is involved in the recent funding round with five percent at SatoshiPay. In addition, we speak of a “strategic partnership” of the two companies.

In plain language this means that readers will soon be able to activate the media content of Börsenmedien AG with Stellar Lumens (XLM) as well.

“We are delighted to have gained Börsenmedien AG as a strategic partner,” said Meinhard Benn, founder and CEO of SatoshiPay, accordingly optimistic. And further: “The digital formats of the group Börsenmedien AG, such as videos, PDF downloads or e-books, represent an ideal area of ​​application for our technology. We look forward to working with our product in close cooperation with the editors and product teams of To further develop stock market media. “

What distinguishes SatoshiPay, the low transaction fees are below one dollar cent.