Deutsche Börse: Partnership with Swiss digital asset companies

Deutsche Börse (the German stock exchange)is seeking a solidarity with a number of Swiss companies in order to expand the ecosystem for digital assets.

The tradability of digital assets in traditional marketplaces has been difficult. With some exceptions, digital assets such as cryptocurrencies can only trade via exchanges.

But the trend is increasingly towards integration into traditional markets. Finally, one realizes that measured by the return on investment, bitcoin investments are one of the most lucrative investments of the past two years. You can not miss that.

Deutsche Börse invests in future crypto

According to the news about the expansion of infrastructure for institutional investors – also in this country. For example, Deutsche Börse, which also acts as holder of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, announced that it is working on expanding the ecosystem for digital assets in collaboration with the Swiss telecommunications service provider Swisscom and the FinTech Sygnum.

“The Continuation of Our Investments in New Technologies and the Further Development of DLT Distributed Ledger Technology, Note d. Red.] Is a focal point of Deutsche Börse Group, “explains Jens Hachmeister, CEO of the Deutsche Börse’s DLT department, in a joint press release with the Swiss Confederation.

The aim of the cooperation is to provide investors with a reliable and secure ecosystem for investments in digital investments. Finally, “the tokenization of assets is the next big step in digital assets, which has the potential to reshape global financial markets.” So it announces the message.

The strategy also includes an investment in Custodigit AG. As a joint spin-off of Swisscom and Sygnum, the company has dedicated itself to the secure management of digital assets for institutional investors.

A holistic ecosystem

The joint project can therefore be understood as an “all-inclusive solution” for investors, as all components of an infrastructure solution are taken care of. There is access to liquidity by Deutsche Börse, provision of banking services by Sygnum and secure custodial custody solutions.