Is this the safest bitcoin wallet in the world?

Chronic HODLer and all others, who are in constant concern on their digital savings squint, may be happy: The latest version of the well-known GreenAdress Bitcoin Mobile Wallet promises even more security than the previous model, which also had no bad name. With us you get an overview of the new features.

The new model of Wallet for mobile devices is called “Blockstream Green Wallet” and should be better than its predecessor in many aspects – the manufacturer speaks full-bodied of the “safest and most powerful” Bitcoin mobile wallet on the market.

In addition to the improved security, the main focus is on changes to the user interface. This should make the Bitcoin wallet easier to use even for “casual users” – ie for people who are not quite as deep in the matter, but still want to manage their credit from their smartphones

Blockstream Green Mobile Wallet: Perfect protection thanks to two-factor authentication?

In addition, Blockstream own claims, the speed and the overall performance again increased significantly. Like the GreenAdress wallet, the Blockstream Green Wallet uses multi-signature authentication. One key stores the terminal, the other the servers of Blockstream. As a result, unauthorized persons will not get the coins even if the device is stolen or lost.

The app for Android and iOS supports common two-factor authentication methods such as:

  •     Google authentication
  •     E-mail authentication
  •     Authentication by telephone
  •     Authentication via SMS

Support for Trezor One and Ledger Nano S

In the blog post announcing, Blockstream states that the new wallet has “too many features to list them all in”. Advanced users can look forward to the following new features:

Watch-only Wallet: Keep track of your account balance and receive money from others without having to sign up.

Fee Control: The integration of SegWit technology makes more efficient use of the block size in the blockchain, allowing more transactions to take place simultaneously. This reduces the transaction costs.

Two-Factor Thresholds: This feature makes it easier to handle smaller transactions. By setting a “two-factor threshold”, payments can be made up to the specified threshold without two-factor authentication.

Tor Support: Android users can connect to the wallet through the Tor network.

Conveniently, the Android app also supports the popular hardware wallets Trezor One and Ledger Nano S. This can then save the private keys offline and also gets the protection of multi-signature authentication

Competition scores with military shielding technology

The Blockstream Green Wallet was developed by the British cryptographer Adam Back, who enjoys a very good reputation in the scene thanks to his proof-of-work algorithm Hashcash.

Back spoke directly to Twitter:

“IMO using @Ledger or @Trezor hardware wallet with @Blockstream green on Android plus multsig 2FA (Google auth with offline device) & the option of cross-verifying with your own fullnode over gate is probably the most secure self-contained portable solution Bitcoin available today.

  – Adam Back (@ adam3us) March 20, 2019

“In my opinion, Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets with Blockstream Green on Android and multi-signature authentication as well as counter-verification with own fullnode via Tor are the safest independent, portable Bitcoin solution today.

Blockstream, however, is not the only provider of extra secure wallets. Almost simultaneously with the Blockstream Green Wallet, the start-up Casa announced its own series. The highlight here: The Wallets of Casa secures a so-called “Faraday Bag”. It is a protective sheath that shields electronic signals, such as EMP pulses. So far, this technique was used mainly in the military or law enforcement agencies.