Nasdaq indexes ripple price (XRP)

The Bitcoin course and Ether course get company. In the future, Nasdaq will index the ripple price. This is happening as the United States’ largest electronic stock exchange teamed up with Brave New Coin’s blockchain analysts.

Nasdaq plans to replicate the XRP price in real time in the future. As the company officially announces, the “XRP Liquid Index” will in future show in real time what the price for an XRP is in US dollars. The company wants to refer to the data resulting from their “highly liquid” markets.

Nasdaq works with IOSCO compliant procedures

As Nasdaq further states, it uses an independently verified procedure that complies with the IOSCO principles for mapping the ripple course (XRP). That’s how the ripple course gets in the best of company. As part of previous indexing, the electronic exchange already listed the Bitcoin price and the Ether price

Indexing of ripple course (XRP) extends existing cooperation

Nasdaq gets its information from the blockchain analysis firm Brave New Coin of New Zealand. The price indices are to be renewed every five minutes. Your partner Brave New Coin offers a variety of crypto services. In addition to the blockchain and crypto data analysis, the company has its own portfolio manager and a newsfeed, according to the homepage. The company exists since 2014 and aims to increase transparency in the crypto market.

Finally, the company announces that the index will be available from May 1st. To provide the most accurate overview possible, Nasdaq analyzed the ripple course data back through August 14, 2014.

About Nasdaq

The US company is considered the largest electronic stock exchange in the United States, in terms of the number of companies listed there. The stock exchange exists since 1971, the name is an acronym of National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations.

In addition to the currently increasing indexing of crypto currencies or their prices such as the Bitcoin price and the Ether price, the company announced last year the introduction of Bitcoin futures. However, until now, these futures contracts have not been disclosed to the public.