Ripple is running at full speed, Bitcoin has reached the bottom

Eccentric and Bitcoin cop John McAfee wants to put an end to the Craig Wright theater. The exile presidential candidate claims to know the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin course is writing green numbers and there are also rumors from Skype that the XRP Army should be happy.

McAfee: Does he know who Satoshi is?

John McAfee once again cut one out. The US software guru, multi-millionaire and presidential candidate claims to know Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity.

    I protected the identity of Satoshi. It’s time, though, that this is put to bed. Imposters claim to be him, it’s a waste. Every day I will narrow down the identity of Satoshi until he reveals himself, or I reveal him.

    – John McAfee (@officialmcafee) April 17, 2019

In the debate over Craig Wright McAfee wants to provide clarity in the Causa Satoshi. So, on April 17, the exiled American tweeted from the Bahamas that he knew who Nakamoto is and started unveiling his identity bit by bit.

In the scene, this met with a shared resonance. First, it was confirmed that Wright is not really the anonymous Bitcoin inventor. On the other hand Satoshi did not choose his anonymity without reason. A revelation on the part of McAfee (whether he bluffs, is not at issue here) would contradict the apparent will of the white paper author.
Floor reached long ago

@KingThies, price analyst and self-proclaimed crypto maximalist, sees a clear bullish signal in the two-week MACD.

    The 2W MACD has a buy signal on $ BTC. We opened @ approx $ 4k.

    The last time it happened? May 2015. #Bitcoin opened around $ 240.

    We can still drop in accumulation, but the bottom is in ‘folks.

  – Crypto Thies (@KingThies) April 16, 2019

The course could still go down a bit. But the bottom at about $ 3,200 is no longer endangered

Does Skype integrate the XRP Tipping Bot?

At least Weiss Ratings. The crypto rating agency scatters via Twitter the rumor that the TipBot of Ripple in the communication service Skype could find their way.

    #XRP may soon get integrated into #Skype, picking up access to 300 million users for their XRP #TipBot app to send messages to users. XRP TipBot can already be used with #Outlook, #Reddit, #Twitter, #Gmail. #moreAdoption

    – Weiss Ratings (@WeissRatings) April 16, 2019

”    XRP will soon be integrated with Skype, giving it access to 300 million users for its XRP TipBot app to send messages to users. The XRP TipBot can already be used with Outlook, Reddit, Twitter, Gmail.

Maybe Weiss refers to a blog entry on Skype Ideas. One user had suggested integrating micropayment solutions into the service. The proposal then scored a respectable 2,300 votes.

Vinny Lingham: Bitcoin Market Will Exceed Dotcom Profits

Before the Internet took hold, investors witnessed one of the biggest bubbles in recent stock market history. When the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, the Nasdaq-100 lost nearly 80 percent of its value.

The crypto market is also characterized by boom-and-bust cycles. In contrast to the dotcom bubble, however, there was not a big bubble, but several.

Vinny Lingham, founder of Civic, tries a comparison on a thread on Twitter.

    That being said, the rewards are likely to be greater than during the dotcom bubble / bust cycle, where the winners (FAANG) are now among the biggest companies in the world. Interesting point to note though, what’s that only one dotcom bubble.

 – Vinny Lingham (@VinnyLingham) April 14, 2019

Accordingly, the yields in the crypto market are likely to exceed those of the dotcom era. After all, there was no token economy at that time, with which even small companies can achieve low-threshold funding.

Security Tokens are therefore a promising use case.

    As the crypto industry evolves, I think we can do it nowadays.

– Vinny Lingham (@VinnyLingham) April 14, 2019

In the field of security tokens, however, no further bubbles are to be feared – in contrast to the dotcom mania.