Samsung and Tech Mahindra Announce Blockchain Collaboration

Samsung SDS, the IT subsidiary of electronics giant Samsung, has found a new partner to test the in-house blockchain platform. Indian IT service provider Tech Mahindra is set to test the Samsung SDS “Nexledger” in the Indian and global markets.

The electronics manufacturer Samsung has a new prospect for the use of its own distributed ledger technology “Nexledger” to report. Tech Mahindra from Pune, India wants to test the “Blockchain” platform for use in both Indian and world markets. The two companies announced this on April 14 in a press release. In it, Mahn Chey, head of Samsung SDS India:

”    We are proud to announce our joint efforts to promote Nexledger in the global marketplace with Tech Mahindra. As a company that believes in the value of blockchain technology, Samsung SDS has focused its efforts on developing a blockchain platform, Nexledger, that meets the needs of businesses in the business sector. Together with Tech Mahindra we look forward to offering our customers a blockchain-based digital transformation.

Rajesh Dhuddu of Tech Mahindra hopes for the cooperation:

”    This partnership will also expand our reach in the Korean, Indian and other APAC markets and maximize the joint offering through a combination of appropriate platforms to Tech Mahindra’s system integration capabilities and innovation centers in India.

Blockchain vs. “Block Chain”

Nexledger is a versatile, proprietary blockchain solution from Samsung SDS. This type of Enterprise Blockchain is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT); However, it has little to do with the blockchain technology à la Bitcoin. The best-known enterprise blockchain associations include IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA). The two largest blockchain consortia in the world are in a friendly relationship. The cooperation between EEA and Hyperledger Fabric was formally sealed in October 2018.

Samsung SDS joined the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance in May 2017 as the first South Korean company. Recently, the parent company Samsung in the cryptoversum with the announcement of a wallet function for the Galaxy S10 caused a stir.