Samsung Galaxy S10 for the time being without Bitcoin support

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will initially support only Ether. In unboxing videos, users are testing the new crypto-wallet and are surprised to find that they can only choose to set up an Ether Wallet. Whether the Bitcoin support in a possible update is replenished, is still unclear.

There are days when you have to row back. Contrary to previous reports on Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S10 will not include a built-in Bitcoin Wallet. Although the launch of the latest generation smartphone is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, March 8. However, occasional tech enthusiasts could bring their hands to the device before the official launch. Unboxing videos then become the bearers of bad news: The blockchain keystore on the mobile device only supports Ethereum.

Bitcoin at launch For now it looks like it’s Ethereum-only! 😮https: // “Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto wallet appears to have left out Bitcoin at launch.

    – CRN (@crn_maximizer) March 4, 2019

“Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto-wallet seems to have left out Bitcoin at the launch, and at the moment it looks like only Ethereum [supported]”!

In the linked video Twitter user @crn_maximiser demonstrates the establishment of a crypto-wallet. The choice is, you guessed it, only the opening of an Ether Wallet.

The step is amazing. Finally, Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency, and the market capitalization of Cryptocurrency No. 1, at $ 67 billion, is more than four times that of Ethereum. In addition, previous demonstrations by the manufacturer clearly showed a Bitcoin logo; here from minute 0:54.

   “The Samsung Galaxy S10 has been confirmed … even after they denied it.” Apple on their toes? “

– Heslin Kim @BlockchainROK (@BlockchainROK) February 21, 2019

Whether Samsung delivers the bitcoin support soon, is unknown. Also, it is not known at the present time whether ERC20 tokens can also be stored on Samsung’s new terminal with the Ether integration. Previously it was said that the smartphone supports the token COSMEE and Enjin Coin. For this purpose, however, no further details are yet known.
Crypto adaptation stagnates

This is a step backwards for crypto adaptation. Because to find the way into the mainstream, it needs simple use cases such as a smartphone integration. Sven Wagenknecht argues in the commentary.