Samsung Galaxy S10: No Bitcoin support yet, but four decentralized-Apps

There are new details on the blockchain orientation of the new Samsung Galaxy S10. In addition to a kit with a crypto wallet, the new smartphone comes with a total of four decentralized apps (d-Apps). An integration of Bitcoin is not yet given, for the future at best conceivable.

It was a statement that surprised the crypto community. The new Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a crypto wallet on the market. The storage facility for cryptocurrencies, however, completely excludes the leading crypto-currency Bitcoin (BTC). Instead, it is only compatible with the Ethereum Token Ether (ETH) and ERC20 tokens.

Samsung Galaxy S 10 comes with four dApps

Especially the integration of the ERC20 tokens, however, entails that you can keep a pretty stately sum of tokens on the Samsung Galaxy S10. In addition, the smartphone also supports d-Apps. So the device brings a total of four decentralized applications with it. According to information from Coindesk, this includes the Enjin gaming platform, the Cosmee community platform, CryptoKitties and the payment service provider CoinDuck.

As you can see from the information in the crypto magazine, the CoinDuck app is mainly used to make payments with cryptocurrencies. The app as well as the wallet only uses the token from the house Ethereum. So if you want to make payments with cryptocurrencies, you must first scan a QR code in order to be able to execute the respective payments with ether tokens.

As reported by Business Korea elsewhere, CoinDuck has been providing service since January of last year. In addition, the South Korean company is partnering with blockchain smartphone maker Sirin Labs. As we has already reported, the latter company is one of the pioneers of blockchain smartphones. Sirin Labs opened the first official Blockchain smartphone store in London this January.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S 10, further integration of further cryptocurrencies is planned for the future. Whether you will actually opt for Bitcoin will remain open until further notice.