The 5 largest Bitcoin Mining Pools, sorted by Hash Rate

If one looks at relevant block explorers such as Blockchair and Co., a closer look puts a paragraph into the field of view, whose information content is generally underestimated: the speech is from Coinbase data.

In addition to crude characters that are the result of non-compilable inputs, there is the word slush. Slush, one suspects, can only stand for Slush Pool in the Bitcoin context. For some time now, it has been a convention among miners to reveal their identity in this field. If you find a block, you usually fill the Coinbase field with your own identity.

This allows Blockchain observers to gain insight into the distribution of bitcoin mining, and services such as Bitcoinity can draw a pretty accurate picture of the bitcoin mining status quo.

We leverage the stock of BTC’s public data structure and present the five largest mining pools, sorted by hash rate.

Disclaimer: Depending on the source and the measurement period, different results are shown. We use the data from Bitcoinity as a basis.

1. AntPool

With a market share of 13.81 percent and a hash rate of currently 5,452 petahashes per second, AntPool is the current market leader. The China-based mining pool operates under the banner of Bitmain, the world’s largest manufacturer of mining hardware.

Bitmain CEO and BCH lawyer Jihan Wu is one of the ten most influential figures in crypto-space, according to Coindesk.

However, Wu does not think much of Satoshi’s vision either:

    I’m wondering when I can make my BSV token into exchange to sell.

    – Jihan Wu (@JihanWu) November 17, 2018

I wonder when I can put my BSV tokens into an exchange and then sell them.


For quite some time, AntPool and BTC.TOP have been switching from Bitcoin Mining as the draft horses. According to the current state, however, AntPool has the edge.

The Stats: BTC.TOP adds 3,259 petahashes per second to the network, with a market share of 10.67 percent. BTC.TOP is also located in China. If you want to participate in the pool mining, the Mandarin should be powerful because the website does not provide an English translation.

If you believe a report by Bit News Live, BTC.TOP would be able to make a 51 percent attack on Bitcoin Cash. For sometimes the Chinese pool controls more than 50 percent of the entire BCH hash rate.

3rd slush pool

Slush Pool is the European representation within the Top 5. With the foundation at the end of 2010, the Czech mining company is one of the longest existing pools in the market. Currently, all ASICs belonging to Slush Pool contribute an accumulated computational power of approximately 3,000 petahashes, representing a market share of 10.13 percent, according to figures from Bitcoinity.

Unlike the aforementioned pools, Slush Pool is limited to Queen Bitcoin.

    42 #Bitcoin forks. 0 plans to mine any of them. #MineAsOnehttps: //

– Slush Pool ⚡🔑 (@slush_pool) May 21, 2018

    42 Bitcoin Forks. Zero plans to mine even one of them.

By the way: Founder Marek Palatinus has already been through one or the other bull-bear cycle of the cryptocurrency No. 1 since 2010; According to his statement, crashes of 80 percent and more are not life-threatening for miners.

4. ViaBTC

Also this mining pool comes from the Middle Kingdom. Although initially a crypto-exchange was still part of the company. After extensive testing, we must state here, however, that this is obviously history.

However, the in-house mining pool is more than successful. With 2,500 petahashes per second and a market share of 9.84 percent, ViaBTC ranks fourth.

Meanwhile, the company is talking about its attitude to the scaling debate. ViaBTC is considered an advocate of increasing the block size limit. Who is surprised that the pool together with BTC also BCH mint?

I am sorry I do not feel right to support the tyrant or lunatic who wishes to kill BCH and just try to invent his own mining industry and wish to kill other companies just out of sheer personal grudge. This is totally unacceptable!

 – ViaBTC (@ViaBTC) November 13, 2018

However, BSV does not seem to be a viable option for ViaBTC.

” I’m sorry that we do not support the madman [here’s meant to be Craig Wright] who wants to kill BCH and is simply trying to invent a new coin to develop his own mining industry, and then aspire to joining other companies destroy, just out of sheer personal resentment. That is totally unacceptable!

5. F2Pool

This pool is also located in China. F2Pool also has a computing power of 2,140 petahashes and a market share of 8.49 percent. Also this pool belongs to the more mature market participants and so this mining pool can after all record a record for itself. With 43,657 scraped blocks (as of January 2019), F2Pool has gemined most of the blocks of the Bitcoin blockchain.
Distribution of the BTC hash rate.

However, as can be seen from this pie chart, much of the mined BTC comes from miners who prefer to remain anonymous. Furthermore, the graph indicates a sufficient distribution of the hash rate. And that’s good news.