US companies launch Blockchain ETF

Two US investment firms launch an ETF in a joint venture. This fund integrates IT companies that work with blockchain and cloud computing. While the approval of a Bitcoin ETF is still being postponed by the SEC, the AdvisorShares Sabretooth ETF can be of help to blockchain companies.

Investment management and investment advisory firms AdvisorShares and Sabretooth Advisors have announced the release of an ETF for February 7, according to a Market Watch report. The exchange-traded fund tracks companies that operate with blockchain and cloud computing.

The stated goal of the AdvisorShares Sabretooth ETF (Ticker BKCH) is to add value for investors to the rise of companies using crypto and other emerging technologies. The basis is an increase in the stock market value of the companies through positive growth forecasts regarding profitability.

Bitcoin ETF: End of Crypto-puberty?
A Bitcoin ETF is eagerly awaited by investment fans. In the crypto community, the approval is a decisive signal with symbolic effect. Investment in and trade with Bitcoin would finally have arrived in the financial mainstream. However, this legitimacy and protection of the cryptocurrency is not forthcoming. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponed approval several times. The tension rose again this week, as a leaked document from within the SEC promised early approval.

The Bitcoin ETF is controversial due to the risk of speculative bubbles developing in the crypto community. The launch of the AdvisorShares Sabretooth ETF suggests a trend in the financial system despite the diverging focus on blockchain and cloud computing. Digital technologies continue their advance into the established financial market. Whether blockchain in general or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in particular: crypto becomes socially acceptable. But he also has to face the challenges of institutionalized capital speculation.